These Types of Bags & Backpacks Used for School College Students

types of bags for students

There are different types of trending and modern bags available for school, college, or university students. You can choose a Bag or backpack from a variety of available designs, shapes, sizes, and materials.

Some bags are specially designed for girls. Such bags are stylish, colorful, and different in structure. Unisex types of bags could be used for both boys and girls. If you are a male student, then you may choose a messenger bag or backpack.

Here, I have listed all types of bags and backpacks that could be used for toddlers, teenagers, or higher education students. You can select a bag according to your interest and requirements.

This guide is for every age and for both male and female students to know about what type of bag is for you. The bag you will select should be easily accessible and comfortable.

Types of Bags & Backpacks Students

Bags are available in a variety of designs, styles, sizes, and colors. When talking about the design type of a bag, you should consider the style of that bag.

Here is a list of trending bags and backpacks which are suitable for boys, and girls students as well as unisex bags.

1. Backpacks

The pack which could be carried on the back are known as backpacks. It contains two shoulder straps which are mostly adjustable and padded. It is mostly designed in a vertical shape to carry your laptop, books, and documents.

Backpacks are available in a wide range of designs, colors, sizes, and materials. Some of the bags are waterproof and additional USB charging port option for your cell phone.

The backpack is probably the most commonly used bag type for both boys and girls. Backpacks are available for every age of students like toddlers, college, and university guys.

  • Gender: Both for Boys and Girls
  • Age Level: Suited for every age student
  • Uses: For carrying books, laptops, notes, and other school essentials. Some backpack doesn’t give you a laptop pocket so, be aware if you want to carry a laptop then must choose with a padded laptop compartment.

You need to check the comfort padded back before purchasing to you save your body from any injury. I will suggest you must read this guide on Why does a Backpack Hurt my Shoulders, Back, and Neck with Solutions

There are further types of backpacks:

1.1) Basic Backpack

A basic backpack is a simple style bag with no extra functionalities. It just contains the main zipper compartment for holding your books and other school essentials.

There is no padded pocket for holding your laptop. You can carry it easily with two shoulder straps on the back of this backpack. Different shapes, sizes, and colors are available according to the buyer’s interest.

1.2) Laptop Backpack

Laptop backpacks are the most commonly used bags among college and postgraduate students. Most education programs require a laptop mandatory in the classes. So, students prefer to have a laptop backpack to carry their laptops with them.

The laptop backpack contains a special safety padded laptop pocket to save from scratches and breakage. Laptop backpacks are available in different styles and colors for boys and girls. But you don’t need to carry a laptop and then choose any other type.

1.3) Daypack Backpack

A small rucksack backpack (a bag used to carry school essentials on your back) is used especially for traveling and school purposes. If you want to carry a small number of things for school then a daypack is the best option for you.

1.4) Drawstring Backpack

Some students like to carry drawstring backpacks for carrying a book and a few sports items. It contains pressable fabric with string straps. Especially used by male students.

1.5) Rolling Backpack

A rolling backpack consists of an extendable handle and small rolling wheels. If you sometimes don’t want to carry it on your shoulder, then you can pull it by the handle. It is not commonly used among college students.

Toddlers should have this bag because they have to carry a large number of books and rolling wheels can help them easy to pull with a sturdy handle.

1.6) Roll Top Backpack

A roll-top backpack is a bag with a top-roll-closing option. It is a unique fashionable bag with multiple zipper pockets and buckles straps. The size of this bag could be adjusted because of its top rolling feature.

Whenever you need to carry more books, this bag could be extended to roomy enough space. It is not a famous bag among the students. This bag is mostly used for traveling, sports and hiking.

1.7) Knapsack Backpack

The knapsack is a multipurpose bag used for school, college, traveling, cycling, sports, etc. It consists of a top lad cover and is mostly made with canvas and nylon material. The knapsack is a famous bag used by every age student. It is a nice bag suitable for both males and females. Some knapsack bags come with padded laptop pockets.

Another type is the Randoseru backpack which is a solid bag made with leather to protect your gadgets and tools from breakage. But commonly used among the students.

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2. Messenger Bag or Courier Bag

The messenger bag also known as a courier bag, most commonly used bag type among students and educators. It is a horizontal-shaped bag with an adjustable sturdy strap to hang it on your shoulder.

The design of this bag is completely different from other bags. You can carry it in different ways like diagonally across the chest, on one side of your body, or on your back as you feel comfortable. Messenger bags are not usually roomy enough but you can carry all basic school essentials like a laptop, books, and water bottle.

There is another messenger bag known as a cross-body messenger bag. It contains one big strong shoulder strap. The design of this bag is very unique and the carrying capacity is short. It is also called a Sling bag.

  • Gender: Both for Boys and Girls.
  • Age Level: Suited for every age student.
  • Uses: For carrying a laptop, a few books, and notes.

3. Laptop Bag

Laptop bags are famous among college and university students. It became mandatory to bring a laptop for some college lectures. Not just for college use, laptop bags are always needed when you have a laptop device.

A laptop bag comes with a special laptop-sleeved compartment to protect it from scratches. One thing to ensure before buying this bag is to check the size of your laptop. A small-size bag will prove garbage for you.

It comes in different colors, sizes, shapes, and materials. Some of the bags are waterproof and additional USB charging port option for your cell phone. You can buy according to your requirement and interest.

  • Gender: Both for Boys and Girls.
  • Age Level: Suited for every age student.
  • Uses: For carrying a laptop, a few books, and notes.

4. Tote Bag for Girl Students

Tote bags are the most common type of bag used by girls and female students. It is made with different materials like canvas, nylon, and leather.

A Tote bag consists of two vertical straps to carry on your shoulder or in your arms. Some of the bags give you adjustable straps. Tote bags come in a variety of colors, styles, sizes, and materials. You can check all the best tote bags for females. These bags are more stylish and always modern for ladies.

Tote bags are extremely recommended for female teachers and students.

5. Convertible Bag

A convertible bag is a type of bag in which a bag could be converted to another shape. You can transform from one style to another by changing the strap’s adjustment. It contains removable and adjustable straps.

If you want to carry it on one shoulder, then you can remove the other two straps available for a backpack. If you want to use it vertically, then you can adjust the straps in other ways as you want. If you don’t want to rely on only one shape then get this bag now. It is recommended bag for students.

  • Gender: Suited for Boys and Girls
  • Age Level: Suited for teenagers and upward.
  • Uses: For carrying a number of books, documents, water bottles, food boxes, etc.

6. Duffel Bag

Duffel Bag is a large cylindrical-shaped bag that contains both shoulder straps and backpack straps. It contains a large roomy compartment to carry your daily pieces of equipment easily. If you want to carry a large number of essentials and like this design then can purchase it. It is not commonly used among students.

  • Gender: Suited for Boys only
  • Age Level: Suited for college students if they like the design.
  • Uses: For carrying books, documents, water bottles, food boxes, etc.

7. Briefcase Bag

Briefcase bags are solid bags typically used by salesmen, bankers, businessmen, and for office purposes. But a few students and teachers like to use this to carry their laptops, tablet, and papers for protection.

It is a hand-carrying bag. But I personally don’t recommend using this bag for your school or college.

Other Bags for Students

The weekender bag is for Sports Students to carry their sports types of equipment.

Hand Purse for Girls is used to carry small essentials for necessities for university.

How to Select the Best Bag or Backpack as a Student?

Consider Construction

Size, Material(Leather, Plastic, ), Space, Waterproof, wheeled, Pockets, Padded Straps, and Back

Consider Gender

Is it for Girls or Boys? Colors, style, and patterns matter.

Class Level

Teenagers, Toddler, Primary School, Secondary School, College, University

Price or Budget

You should also consider your budget.

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