10 Tips to Train Your Cat to Used to or Ride in a Cat Backpack Carrier

Cat Backpack Training

Ready to train your cat to sit in a cat backpack? This guide is related to how to get your cat to love a cat backpack easily in a few days. With these training tips, your cat will be convinced and feel comfortable with a backpack so you can bring it along with your next adventure.

Cats are my family members and I love to train them for good habits. I love to travel with my pets including kitties, puppies, and parrots. I’ve experienced 7 cats training for their bag, backpacks, and cat cottages.

I used different tricks and techniques to train my cat to love a cat backpack carrier and examined what kind of methods are most useful. There are some do and do not that are important to follow. So, I wanna share with you all the useful tips to convince your cat to ride in a backpack.

Note: Never force your cat to sit in the backpack. Some cats can be a bit nervous about being confined in pet carriers. The training process may take several days or weeks to get ready for a backpack.

Tips to Train a Cat to Used-to a Cat Backpack

First things first. Before start training your cat for a backpack, I will suggest you follow these prerequisites. 

Prerequisites to Start Training your Cat for a Cat Backpack

You must consider these prerequisites before you start applying any strategies to your cat. If you don’t follow these requirements, you may hurt your kitty. I will suggest you read safety guides on using a cat backpack.

  1. Pick the Right Size for your Cat
  2. Pack with Net Mesh for Good Ventilation
  3. A Comfortable and Sturdy Backpack
  4. Self-Standable Cat Backpack
  5. Use Removable Mat
  6. Wide Opening
  7. Never try to force it
  8. Choose a Relaxed and Comfy Place

Now, here are the working tips and methods you can follow to train your kitty to love sitting in a bag or backpack.

1. Let her Familiar with the Backpack

get familiar

Once you’ve found the right backpack, the first step to getting your cat ready to sit in a backpack is to introduce the backpack. If your cat is completely new to a backpack, let her get familiar with it first.

Put the bag in front of her and allow her to see, sniff, and climb in and on the backpack. Some pets don’t accept new stuff at first, so you should get them familiar first with a new pack.

2. Start Training Slowly

I always talk that, teaching pets is typically a lengthy process that requires patience, persistence, and consistency.

Help your cat gradually get used to its backpack so it can have the best possible experience with it. When your cat becomes comfortable with going into the bag, you can close it at first with smaller increments and reward it with treats and appreciation.

Reduce Restlessness: There is a chance that your cat may feel restless at first being in its backpack. You must consider regular breaks. If your kitty is not ready to live more in the backpack, just open the zipper and let her go outside and Stretch her legs.

3. Use Positive Reinforcement to Train

Don’t get your cat to feel uncomfortable or nervous by your behavior. Be positive and humble to train it for her backpack. Training a pet always demands your time and patience.

Your cat responds best to positive reinforcement – that is, rewarding them for positive actions. Positive behavior is required in the pet training process. Never try to force and quickly close the backpack on your cat.

Read more: Safety tips to Carry Your Dog in a Bag or Backpack

4. Prove the Backpack like a Toy

cat toys

You have to prove that this backpack is joyful and comfortable for your cat. Use a toy cat to put in and out of the bag in front of your cat. She will realize that there is something interesting to do.

Put the carrier in cat toys so that she can accept them as a part of her toys and life. You can use the backpack in different playing activities to get familiar with and used to it.

5. Put your Cat’s Toys in her Backpack

This one is the most working trick that you can apply to attract your cat to a backpack. Put her toys like a Ball, Robot Fish, LED lights, and more. These toys will attract your cat to the backpack and she will agree to go into the backpack without hesitation.

I found this trick most helpful in cat training. This is a handy trick to keep your cat encouraged and interested in the backpack.

6. Feed your Cat inside her Bag or Backpack

cat feed

Cats are generally pretty curious about food treats, so these are very useful for food-motivated cats. Put Some Treats in the cat Bag or Backpack will invite your kitty in the bag. When you place treats inside a bag, your cat will jump in to enjoy the food and toys inside.

I will suggest you put her food inside the backpack when your cat feels hungry. You can try small pieces of chicken, and eggs or put some cheese bits in the backpack.

Feeding your cat inside her backpack could prove helpful and I’m pretty sure that your fur baby will make to delay jumping in the backpack.

7. Leave it Open to Prove it’s not an Imprisonment or Jail

open cat backpack

You should leave it open and out around your house for your cat to investigate the new arrival. The cat will not get nervous looking at an open bag.

Generally speaking, cats are quite curious, so if your kitty smells it out, he/she is likely to jump in. You have to encourage your pet to enjoy the bag by offering it openly.

8. Use Two People to Train your Kitty

cat 2 people

The most important factor I’ve found particularly helpful is to start training a cat for a backpack with the help of two people. The first person should carry the cat in the backpack and the second one should look after the cat from behind and encourages her with positive cues and treats.

If you’re only one, I will then recommend you carry the pack on your front for the first few trips/adventures. This will also help you put an eye on your cat and encourage it with your kind words and treats.

9. Make sure the first Few Trips are Short

This is another suggestion for you to get your cat convinced to sit in for every trip is to make sure the first few trips are short. If you will put it for a long hour, in the beginning, she will feel it is boring and will lose interest in the backpack. This is a handy trick to keep your cat encouraged and interested in the backpack.

10. Show her a Video with a Cat inside the Bag or Backpack

cat watching video

This is true, but no one will tell you about this trick. There are a number of interesting cat-playing videos available online with the cat inside a backpack.

You can show your cat some interesting videos from YouTube in which cats are playing with bags and backpacks. This will help your cat to get ready to sit in the backpack.

Here is a video guide for you to train your cat.

Video Credit: Cat School Clicker Training

Try out Top Rated Cat Backpack Carrier

I will suggest you spend some money to ease and comfort your pet. Try out these best-reviewed cat bags and backpacks. I have used these bags and found them outstanding. You can get it on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

To ensure your cat has the best possible experience in its backpack, start training slowly and make it interesting as possible. Allow them to play, sniff, and eat in the backpack. Once your cat feels comfortable with the backpack, zip it up and walk around the room with it on your back. You should immediately reward your cat for a job well done after you take off the backpack.


Do Cats Like Backpack Carriers?

When a cat is trained for a bag or backpack, it loves to sit in the bag. If your cat is in little age, you can train it easily for a carrier, and a carrier will be the best option for your pet.

Are cat Backpacks Cruel or Safe?

Cat backpack carrier is safe for your cat if you use follow proper guidelines and safety tips. You can use it as long as the cat enjoys being inside. Check the Safety Tips for Cat Carrier Backpack

Do Cats Prefer Hard or Soft Carriers?

The interest varies from cat to cat. It is suggested to use a backpack soft from the inside and hard from the outside. You can also use a blanket or removable soft mat inside the bag or backpack.

How To Safely Use A Cat Backpack?

I will suggest you read this details guide on how to safely use a cat backpack.

How Long Can a Cat be in a Cat Backpack?

There are no hard and fast rules about the duration of putting your cat in a backpack, but not for long hours. They need food, entertainment, and a toilet also. Cats love to play with toys and walk outdoors.

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