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I’m a pet lover having dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, parrots, and more at home. I love my pets and care a lot like my own child. Traveling with my pets is my hobby and I like to go on adventures with my kitties, dogs, and parrots.

In the last 7 years, I experienced almost 50+ pet bags and backpacks for my cats and puppies. I faced different kinda situations with my pets like cold and warm weather conditions, diseases, training my dogs and cats for a backpack, and more. So, I can help you get your cat to love your Cat Backpack.

Most pet lovers were asking how you use a cat backpack or how you put your cat in a backpack. So, I want to suggest to you my experienced tips and precautions for safely using a cat backpack without hurting or irritating it.

There are some dos and don’t that need to follow for a safe pet carrier journey. I assure you that if you will follow these secure methods of using a backpack, your cat will enjoy the pack and will be safe from any mishappening. You can also read a detailed guide on – can we use a regular backpack as a cat carrier?

Let me share with you all the safety tips for using a cat or dog backpack.

Tips to Safely Use A Cat Backpack

1. Never Force it, Just Train it

The very first tip I will suggest to you is, never force your cat to sit in the bag or backpack if she is not ready. If you forcefully push it into the bag, you are going to hurt it and the backpack will prove cruel to your cat. You have to train your cat for being used to a backpack. If you succeed to train your kitty, it will love to sit in, play in and feed in the backpack. I’ve written a detailed guide on how to train your cat to use and love a backpack.

2. Check Your Cat’s Wet Bellies and Cold Paws

It is essential to check your cat’s wet bellies and, if not well trained for backpacks. This will keep the backpack clean, and you can avoid any foul smells, dirt, or germs.

3. Check Your Cat Regularly after Putting in the Carrier

“Never leave your cat in your backpack alone. Never, ever leave your cat in your backpack alone. Never leave your cat in a backpack alone.”

This one is perhaps the most important factor to consider when you pack your cat in a backpack. You should check your pet regularly after backpacking, whether it is a cat, dog, or any other pet animal.

Again, never left them unattended in a carrier. Use an alarm or reminder when you put your cat in a backpack. It is a best practice to avoid any loss.

4. Always Keep it Clean and Washed

Your cat backpack should be clean and properly washed. It is not required to wash it on daily basis but whenever you feel dirty. This will help you keep your cat safe, clean, and healthy.

5. Don’t use it for Long Hours

For safely using a cat backpack, the point is to not use it for longer hours. They need food, entertainment, and a toilet also. So, please give them a free environment after regular time intervals to pee and stretch their legs.

If you left in a cat in a carrier for longer than a few hours, your cat will become frustrated, and can even get sick.

6. Always Double-check the Doors and Zippers

When carrying a backpack on your back, you must double-check that all zippers are fastened properly. This will help you save your cat from dropping or losing it in outdoor crowded places.

7. Use a Removable Mat

No matter whether pets are in a room or a bag, a removable mat is essential. In any case, if there already is a mat in the bag, that’s good. If not, you can have a separate one.

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8. Don Not Swing the Backpack

While carrying your cat backpack on your back, be careful not to swing it onto your back or jostle it. This will help your cat stay straight and comfortable.

9. Avoid Using Regular Backpack

Some people use a regular backpack for their pets which is not a good way to carry a pet. A regular backpack, daypack, sling bag, or tote bag is not made for carrying your cats or dogs. They can harm your pets. Only use a “pet carrier” that is specially made to carry your cat.

10. Set a Carrying Position

A vertical self-stand position will keep your pet comfortable and safe

  • Always keep your backpack level straight in a verticle position
  • Don’t Swing or Hang it onto One Shoulder
  • A flat removable mat on the bottom

11. Walk Normally with a Pet Carrier

  • Don’t Throw it around or kick it into the Corner
  • Always walk at a normal pace
  • Don’t Treat it like your Regular Backpack
  • Never run, skip, or jump with a cat backpack
  • Rough or random movements can disturb or harm

12. Wash and Properly Dry it Before using it again for the next Trip

You should wash and properly dry it before using it again for the next Trip. Make sure it doesn’t have any, moisture, musty or chemical smells that your kitty might find offensive.

13. Choose the Right Bag/Backpack for your Cat

There are different kinds of bags, backpacks, and cottages available in the market for your beloved ones. You have to decide which one is better for your puss. Here are some factors you should consider while selecting the right backpack for your cat.

⭐ Pick the Right Size for your Cat

Your pack size should be according to the size of your cat. In a short backpack, pets don’t feel comfortable, and it can harm your pet also.

⭐ Pack with Net Mesh for Good Ventilation

You need to choose a good ventilated backpack that you can use all of the ventilation holes and meshes in warm weather conditions.

⭐ A Comfortable and Sturdy

Get a bag with a comfortable build structure. It should be soft from the inside and hard from the outside to save it from any damage.

⭐ Self-Standable Cat Backpack

Choose a backpack with a vertical self-stand design. It will keep your pet comfortable and safe.

⭐ Wide Opening

The pet bags are designed with a wide opening pocket again, but you need to check how it opens. A wide opening can make it easier to put your cat in it.

⭐ A Backpack with Space to Hide Cat Herself

Choose a backpack in which your cat can hide but keep in mind it should be ventilated well.

14. Don’t Use it in Warm Weather Conditions

Beware of temperature. Your cat backpack should have a ventilation system in place for breathing. But it won’t necessarily regulate temperature. Cats can overheat, especially in places where they don’t have access to water.

15. Choose a Relaxed and Comfy Place

Lastly, you should choose a relaxed and comfy place to put your cat in. Don’t let your cat’s carrier in a disturbing, noisy, dirty place.

Best Cat Carrier Bags and Backpacks

I will suggest you spend some money to ease and comfort your pet. Try out these best-reviewed cat bags and backpacks. I have used these bags and found them outstanding. You can buy these bags on Amazon.

A Cat Carrier Can Help in Many Ways

  • It helps your pet stay safe away from other cruel pet 
  • It helps your pet if he/she is injured
  • It helps you to stay connected
  • It helps in transporting
  • It helps you to exercise better

Useful Queries Related to Pet Carrier

Is a Cat Backpack Safe?

Yes, a cat backpack is safe as long as you use them responsibly with safety tips.

How Long Can Cats stay in a Cat Backpack?

You can put your cat in a backpack carrier as long as it enjoys sitting in, but it is not suggested to put them in for long hours. Allow them a free environment after regular time intervals. Check out a brief guide I have written on how long can cats be in a carrier with some helpful suggestions.

Is it Safe to Use a Cat Backpack for Hiking?

Yes, you can use a cat backpack for hiking and traveling. Just follow the safety tips for using a cat backpack. Keep it vertically straight, check it regularly, and offer food on time.

How do I Make a Cat Backpack Comfortable?

You can use a soft mat on the bottom of the cat backpack to make it more comfortable for your cat.

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